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Travel hacks to help you save money

Travelling can gulp a lot of money. Except you are super-rich who may not be concerned about the cost, every other person considers the cost of travelling leading them to do so on a budget. Travelling on a budget means you have a threshold of the amount to spend for the trip. This brings the idea of travel hacks that can help you travel within your budget threshold or even less allowing you to save some money for other things.

One of the best ways to save money when you want to travel is by patronizing a travel company. If you read Canadian Reviews about travel companies like Genie Traveler, you will know if they can help you have a great trip at affordable price. Let’s discuss some of the travel hacks

Book your flight in the afternoon

Generally, flight rates fluctuate during the week, but not many people know that the prices also change during the day. To save some money, book in the afternoon as prices tend to be higher in the morning due to the high influx of booking by business travellers.

Use less popular sites for your booking

Online travel booking agencies offer the opportunity to search for the best price across some different airlines in just a moment. Oftentimes, the less popular sites are known to offer bigger discounts compared to the major ones. Using the less popular sites may save you some money.

Set up flight alerts

Some platforms help keep you informed whenever there’s a drop in the price of the flight. All you have to do is, sign up with them and set the departure location and your destination. Once there’s a price drop, the platform would immediately alert you by sending you mail. Sites like AirfaireWatchDog, Cheapflights etc do that. However, this small window for booking cheap can save you hundreds of dollars.

Choose affordable accommodation

Another thing that gulps a lot of money after a flight during any trip is a hotel. However, if you’re willing to sacrifice a luxury lifestyle in a hotel that comes with expensive bills for something a little more economical, then you can save yourself some money. For example, hostels are excellent alternatives that often provide the same quality of service as hotels. Using them will save you some money.

Earn money while travelling

In today’s world, there are many ways to make money even while you’re on the road offering services e.g. teaching English to children or adults or freelancing on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and so on can earn you some money.

Shop like a local

Your motive is to save every penny possible. So when it comes to everyday items like fruit, tea, locate a local market and do your buying instead of the nearest supermarket. At the local market, you’re guaranteed to buy things at a reduced cost thereby saving yourself some money.

Make use of your carry-on luggage

Virtually all airlines offer travellers one free bag of hand luggage, to take advantage of this, cram as much of your belongings into your hand luggage as possible to avoid paying extra fees at the airport.

Make use of lunchtime menus

You can save a huge amount by uncovering some great value lunch menus around town. Many reputable restaurants serve world-class food during the day for a fraction of their dinner prices.

Rent an apartment

With sites like Airbnb, you’ll find out that renting an apartment can work out a lot cheaper than an extended stay in a hotel, plus you get the luxury of your own space and absolute privacy.


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