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Why Bed and Breakfasts are better than Traditional Hotels for Vacations

If you are a very frequent traveler, then you must have heard about bed and breakfasts. In addition, you probably already have heard about the benefits of staying at a B & B in gordes and how it is better than any traditional hotel around you. Nevertheless, only a small percentage of these travelers actually end up staying at a bed and breakfast and trust me, they are missing out on a lot of awesome stuff.

You might ask why these travelers prefer hotels over bed and breakfasts despite its advantages. Well, the answer is simple; they are one of those people who just want to stick with the safer bet. I am pretty sure most of you guys are also like that but do not worry, I will for sure convince you.

Since you already know how a hotel works, you might find one that has a good water pressure and an amazing shower; you also might find one which has a more comfortable bed than other with a clear room. In addition, you probably already know what you are going to get for breakfast. That because you either are going to a restaurant in the hotel or you will just get some kind of continental breakfast. In a traditional hotel, until you pay some huge amounts to empty your pockets, you are most probably going to be considered another one of those guests. You are neither one of the normal or spectacular guests. At such places, you will get some cheap buffet and out the door service, for the majority of the travelers, this is the case.

One may think that they are taking a risk by staying at a bed and breakfast which is not actually the case. Many bed and breakfast users have given out the statement that the resort really exceeded the quality of any average hotel. This is because you are originally a guest in someone else’s house and obviously people want to treat their guests kindly. It does actually come down to getting a good night rest that many people might have noticed is usually found in small inns or resorts since they have a much quieter environment. This also results in fewer noises during the morning hours of your vacation. In addition, since these B & B’s are very far away from major cities or highways, there is also less road noises outside your window. This will allow you to open your room windows to get some fresh air if traveling during summer.

If we talk about the food, I am pretty sure that you always get a better breakfast at a family owned place than a hotel, it feels like home. If you compare the prices of hotels and family inns, you will find out that most of the time bed and breakfasts are comparatively cheaper so if you have not tried it anytime before. I put forward you actually do so.


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